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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Amber Peach Fucking Mandingo

Amber Peach is just that – quite a peach. A tight peach, if you get my drift. And watching Mandingo split that incredible Peach wide open is quite a sight to behold. Its juices run down Mandingo’s incredible black dick, and you won’t be surprised to see Amber’s eyes roll up into the back of her head as she attempts to sit on all 15 inches. Mandingo doesn’t disappoint his fans here, either. Amber’s cum-coated tounge is all the proof you’ll need.
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White Girl Gangbanged by Black Cocks

Erica is white trash and from a small town in Alabama. But she is proud to say that. To be born white trash and grow up in a redneck trailer park makes being a nigger lover (her words) all the more naughty according to her. She and her husband were members to BOB for 4 YEARS before working up the courage to finally email us. Well, here she is! 23 years was too long for this girl to go without Black Meat and you can tell from the action in her exclusive BOB scenes.
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Kelly Wells Fucking Mandingo's Big Black Dick

Trust me when I tell you they don’t come any freakier than Kelly Wells. I’m serious. Wait till you see what she does for us. First, she marches her white boy out. He’s a bit nervous, and he doesn’t want to get recognized, so he wears an army-issued gas mask. You read right. A gas mask. Then we march out Boz and Mandingo. Do I need to remind you these brothers are packing so much heat Kelly can’t take it all? She tries…she tries so much her pussy starts squirting like she’s trying to put out a fire or something! This crazy bitch even starts trying to choke herself out!! We asked why after the scene, and she said lack of oxygen makes her cum harder! What the fuck? Oh, and after our two black studs blast her face and hair with their jizz, her boyfriend paints her with his cum, too! Talk about a mess! We had to sanitize the set after this bonanza!

Monday, July 10, 2017

No Strings Attached Sex

Adultfriendfinder Members First Threeway Sex Story - True Story

from Adult Sex Friends
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 Tina moved back into position and continued kissing John. I moved over to her and knelt down to lick her ass and pussy from behind. John went back to fondling her tits and I proceeded to lick my way down to her pussy. I love eating her pussy. I get more satisfaction out of that than fucking her. She cums so easily when I eat her out. I love to feel her cream on my face when I eat her to cumming. I love the feel of her thighs as she wraps them around my head as she cums. And she cums in gushes. I'm very lucky to have a wife who loves sex and cums multiple times. She cums so hard and often that sometimes she's physically wiped out. Sex at its best!
After her first orgasm, Tina stopped us and said. "Off with the pants." John and I quickly undressed and sat back on the sofa. "Oh how much fun this is going to be! Two cocks, just for me!" Tina said as she knelt before us. "I think I'll try yours first John." She moved over to him and dropped her mouth onto his cock. She slowly licked up his shaft and then lowered her lips over the head. I looked over at John and he just had this smile on his face. "Okay, honey. Here I come" She moved over to me and ran her tongue over my head and down my shaft to my balls. I love when she licks my balls. Her hands were jerking the two of us as she worked her mouth over our cocks. "This is fun," she exclaimed as she continued to suck on our cocks.
Soon, she moved up and allowed us to suck her tits. One for each of us. She gets so hot when I suck on her tits, I couldn't imagine what this was doing to her. She continued to stroke the two of us while we sucked on her tits. I had to move her hand off of my cock. It felt so good, I was ready to cum. "Okay, I'll watch a bit now," I said, as I moved over a bit to allow her to sit on him. She straddled John and lowered herself onto his cock. I moved up behind her and stroked her back and shoulders as she rode him to an orgasm. Pussy cum oozed as she sighed.
After cumming , she went down in front of him to suck him. I moved under her to eat her wet pussy. She came as soon as my tongue hit her pussy lips. Writhing wildy on my face, she tried to suck John's cock as she moaned deeply. I played with my cock as Tina came again. I moved up behind her and fucked her from behind while she sucked on John. Our first threeway sex!
I didn't want to cum in her , so I moved off of her. John then stood her up and fucked her from behind. She was leaning forward, hands on the couch as he pumped her. I watched her tits sway in time to his pumping. She came again and was soon followed by John. I heard him groan and watched him tense up as he emptied his balls into her. It was so fucking exciting! He pumped her a few more times and then pulled out. A friend had cum in my wife's pussy! He took the rubber off and went to the bathroom to clean his cock off. Tina and I hugged. We couldn't believe it! We had done our first threeway sex !

Highheeled Honey Loves a Big Cock

Hardcore Adult Sex Friends

from Adult Sex Friends' gallery Hardcore Adult Sex Friends
Tim looked straight ahead and closed his eyes, focused on the feeling of his cock swallowed again and again by Charlene's pussy. Her powerful pussy muscles sucked and massaged Tim's dick with incredible skill and purpose.She worked her pussy up and down on his massive white cock. A series of small climaxes rippled through her body as she heard Tim's moans and groans of pleasure as the pleasured each other.
Donna watched them from the door, massaging her pussy vigorously. She loved watching her husband fuck other women . She was torn between wanting to join them and wanting to just lay here and watch while she masturbated. She stared at Charlene's belly as the buxom blonde pulled herself onto Tim's cock repeatedly. It was an impressive physical display, that's for sure. She wondered if Charlene could keep it up long enough for Tim to cum. He had incredible stamina.
Charlene clamped her hands on Tim's ass and used her arms to assist her in her effort to get Tim to give up his load. She wanted to feel his cock jerking and spitting in her pussy. She needed Tim to come for her , she wanted the feeling of the moment that it rocked.
"Shit! Charlene...damn! You're gonna make me cum, baby!"
"Yeah! Give it to me you big son of a bitch! Empty that cum deep into my cunt! Give me a big load right in my snatch!"
She felt it deep inside. His cock began to jerk and she could feel the familiar flood of his explosion filling her pussy pit. It was a huge load. Another climax burst across Darla's consciousness as she felt Sean's semen fill her to overflowing and drip down her crack sliding across her clenching asshole.
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